Carole Baskin claims “dead” husband is alive in resurrected interview

In November 2021, Tiger King star Carole Baskin told during an interview on ITV that according to Homeland Security, her husband, Don Lewis who went missing was found alive, However, no clear evidence has been found to corroborate her claims since the interview aired.

The interview has resurfaced on the internet and is now viral across social media platforms. In the interview, Carole Baskin was saying that her husband is alive in Costa Rica. No official has yet confirmed Don Lewis’s survival after the interview. she claimed her husband don lewis was alive and doing well in costa rica though He was declared legally dead 5 years after he went missing in 2002,

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Who is Carroll Baskin?

Baskin became popular after the release of Netflix’s True Crime series nominated tiger king In 2020. The show involved the community of conservationists for big cats in the US. This group also included Baskin who was the owner of Big Cat Rescue. The show was well received by the audience and due to its success, its second and third seasons were also aired.

carroll baskin claims "dead" Husband is alive in resurface interview
Carole Baskin claims “dead” husband is alive in resurrected interview

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The first season was about the exotic lives of the owners of The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, and their feud with Carol, who accuses Lewis of mistreating their animals. The series revealed that several assassination attempts were made on Carroll through paid hitmen.

After the disappearance of Don Lewis, Carroll is considered the prime suspect during the investigation. Some even accused Carroll of feeding Lewis’s remains to his tigers. disappeared Lewis was 59 years old and disappeared in 1997, Baskin still insists he is alive and doing well in Costa Rica, according to the US government.


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